Certified Burgers and Beverage

Tom and I have a place on St. Simons Island that we now consider a favorite restaurant.  We have now eaten there three times and went twice with Mom and Dad while they were on the island.  We will be going there again on Friday.  The name of the restaurant is Certified Burgers and Beverage.

We have been trying lots of restaurants on the island and decided to try this one.  Certified Burgers and Beverage is tucked behind a bank and next to a dry cleaner.  I’m not sure the location is optimal but it is usually pretty busy.  We had driven by lots of times but, because of the name, weren’t sure it was a restaurant.  But once we tried it, we were hooked.

A bar dominates the interior of Certified Burgers and Beverage.  The decor is plain but the food is not.  I especially liked the silverware and napkins that come wrapped in a paper placemat.  Certified’s Facebook page says, “Grinder to griddle is our mentality. We only serve wholesome, fresh and local food. From our hand cut fries to fresh ground patties; everything is made in house. Five-Star cooking in a laid back environment.”  The food lives up to that description.

The bar is one wall of the restaurant
Chickens fight back
With the Ruhs
The placemat, silverware, and napkin rolled up
And unrolled
Special olive relish on top of the bun
Lots of fresh toppings
I tried tater tots one time – really good
Must be sharing some fries
Poutine southern style

My favorite thing about Certified Burgers and Beverage is the unusual burger names and descriptions on their menu.  Although the rest of my family got the same thing each time we visited, I tried a different burger every time.  Dad orders the ‘Burgh.  Tom gets the American.  I’ve tried the Nola, the Canuck, and the American.  All were delicious.  Certified also serves Poutine – with a southern twist.  The gravy is thinner and the cheese curds melted but it is still really yummy.

We went to Certified the second time on a Sunday and it is the only time it has been really busy.  Our waitress was the wife of the owner and she only works at the restaurant on Sundays.  She wasn’t the best waitress, but it was fun to see her greet so many of the patrons by name.  She makes donuts that are sold only on Sunday.  Dad and I had to try a cinnamon chocolate one.  Mmmmm.  I also like the way they bring the bill – in a wood block that looks like it has a face!

We still have a lot of restaurants to try on the island, but Certified Burgers and Beverage is our favorite so far.  We know we will get delicious, fresh food with a dash of humor and hometown thrown in.