Changes at Lakeside and Things that Never Change

When we visited Lakeside last week we noticed some changes.  We went up to Lakeside with Mom and Dad so that they could participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Lakeside Heritage Association Archives Building.  That was probably the biggest change.

The Lakeside Heritage Association Archives Building is located front and center on Walnut street in downtown.  During the 45 years I’ve been going to Lakeside, Ohio, the building has been a bookstore, a toy store, a variety store, and a store for artisans.  Now it is the place where the historical archives of Lakeside and the peninsula can be preserved and viewed. Mom and Dad were invited to be part of the ribbon cutting ceremony and we decided to go with them to see our friend Karen.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Before the ceremony, we had lunch at another one of the changes.  We ordered sandwiches from The Slack House which is next door to the new Heritage Building.  Before The Slack House opened earlier this year, there was only one restaurant open year round in Lakeside.  Rev. Karen Graham, who lives in Lakeside year round, was glad to see another restaurant open.  We had burgers and Lake Erie Perch sandwiches.  The food was okay, but not great, and the service was really slow.  We ate at the picnic tables outside and enjoyed the company much more than the food.  The Slack House is known for its “Over-the-Top Shakes” which vary by month.  May’s shake was a chocolate covered pretzel shake.

Slack House

Speaking of changes, East Ohio Conference decided not to go to Lakeside for Annual Conference.  Last year was supposed to be the last year at Lakeside, but Conference went virtual instead.  This year Conference is virtual again.  Lakeside is taking advantage of having neither West nor East Ohio Conference on the grounds by starting the season Memorial Day Weekend.  Because of Covid-19 there will still be restrictions on the season, but there will be a lot more going on this year than last.  It was fun to see the shop and restaurant owners getting ready to open for the season.  There were troops of college students painting the lifeguard towers and getting the boats ready for guests.

Some things about Lakeside never change.  We walked out on the dock and spent some time gazing at Lake Erie.  Beautiful as always!  Then we walked along the shoreline path and admired the gorgeous irises, poppies, and Lakeside daisies.   Karen treats my parents really well when we visit and she lets them use her golf cart to get around.  My parents love it and it gives Tom and me a chance to walk with Karen.

Karens and Tom
Handicapped-accessible playground
Lakeside daisies
Planter at Walnut Plaza

Karen showed us another of the changes, a new handicapped-accessible playground.  The playground is located on the Marblehead side of the lakeshore.  It includes a giant swing suitable for people in wheelchairs.  The playground looked like lots of fun for children of all ages and abilities.

Lakeside, Ohio, is a wonderful place to visit no matter what the season.  We have especially enjoyed visiting Karen in Lakeside.  We feel like we see her a lot because we watch her church’s worship service, but it wonderful to visit face to face.  And, bonus, because we are all vaccinated we didn’t have to wear masks!