Coral Sands RV Park in Bluff Utah

During our explorations of southern Utah and surrounding areas, Tom and I stayed in the Coral Sands RV Park in Bluff, Utah.  Due to the size of the RV, Tom and I do what he calls “Park and Play.”  We park in a central campground and then make daily trips in various directions to see the things around us.  Coral Sands was our home for five days while we explored the various Ancestral Puebloan sites, Natural Bridges, Bears Ears, and Canyonlands.

Coral Sands RV Park is a small but clean park located next to US 191 in Bluff.  This made it a great base for our adventures.  The park advertises that it is big-rig friendly.  The sites were plenty big and the park wasn’t too busy during our stay.  Our first day there, all the sites were filled, but during the week it was quieter.  About 20 rigs seem to be parked long-term.

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Our favorite part of the park is the new owners, Pamela & Mike Yearous.  They are working to update the park.  They recently added an online reservation system which we used.  We enjoyed talking to Pam who seems to genuinely like getting to know RVers from all over.  Mike had some great recommendations for things to see in the area.  He is the one who recommended the Cottonwood Steakhouse to us.

Unfortunately the park suffers from the same problem as the rest of the town:  no cell phone service.  They advertise free Wifi, but it can be spotty.  This is not the fault of Pam and Mike.  Unfortunately Bluff is so out there that only one Wifi provider services the area, and the provider isn’t very concerned with making sure there is good service.  As a monopoly, they can charge what they want and make repairs when they feel like it.  If you don’t care about being connected, then Bluff Utah is a great place!

Bluff, Utah, established 650 A.D.

Because of the connectivity issues, we left a couple of days earlier than our reservation.  Pam cheerfully refunded our money from those two nights.  She didn’t need to do this and we weren’t expecting her to.  But she said she didn’t feel right charging us when we weren’t going to be there.  Those are the kind of campground owners I like and respect!

Coral Sands RV Park is a great place to stay if you are exploring this corner of southern Utah.  There are restaurants within walking distance and the town is quiet and peaceful.