County Line Bike Trail

A few days ago Tom and I decided to ride the County Line Bike Trail, a sweet 6 mile trail between Creston and Rittman Ohio.  Creston and Rittman are small towns close to Akron – and the even smaller town of Sterling is in the middle of the trail.

We started in Creston and rode to Rittman and back.  It was a nice ride on an asphalt path with train tracks running beside the trail all the way.  In fact, a train roared through Creston just as we were beginning the ride.  There is a small section, less than a mile, that is on the road in Sterling, around a place where three tracks come together.  The trail is rural, with lots of farms and fields along the way.

There weren’t a lot of people on the trail, but it was being used.  There were some road crossings but only one where we really needed to stop.  Bradley’s Restaurant in Sterling looked like a good local place to eat on another day.

The weather was a little ominous.  We had debated about riding, going back and forth several times.  We finally decided to go for it, and as soon as we stopped the truck at the trailhead, it started raining.  But it wasn’t heavy, so we decided to proceed anyway.  The rain stopped as soon as we got on the trail, and didn’t rain again until we were almost back at the truck.  Rain all around us meant we got to see a rainbow at the end of our ride!

The ride took one hour for 13.7 miles.  There was very little elevation gain.  Not vigorous enough for ice cream, but still good exercise on a mostly sedentary day.