Emily, Emory University, and the Mystic Grill

Ronn, Sandy and Emily in 2001

While we were in Atlanta, we arranged to meet a friend for supper.  We have known Emily Cort since she was born.  Her parents, Ronn and Sandy, were members at Wedgewood.  I baptized her in 1998 when she was just two months old.  Ronn and Sandy didn’t live in Akron for very long, but while they were there they were good friends and we did lots of things together.

Emily has always been fearless.  When she was just three years old, our two families spent the day at Munroe Falls Metro Park.  John was jumping off the diving board in the deep end of the lake.  We watched him for a few minutes and then Emily walked up to the end of the dock and jumped in the lake.  She didn’t have on a life vest or water wings, and she quickly sank out of sight.  Fortunately Tom, with his quick reflexes, jumped in right after her.  Although he couldn’t see her in the muddy water, he found her and pulled her back up to the surface.  Emily wasn’t even spluttering.  Needless to say, we made sure someone was holding her hand near the deeper water after that.

Emily was probably around 10 the last time we saw her.  We have all been busy with lives too far apart.  She is grown up and is now a sophomore at Emory University in Atlanta.  We were delighted that she was willing to spend some time with us old folks.

We met Emily at the Mystic Grill in Covington, Georgia.  She suggested it as a good place to go and it is a very nice restaurant, located on the downtown square.  The building is obviously older but the inside is renovated with beautiful woodwork.  It has two story seating and a bar area.  We sat in a booth close to the front door.

I ordered mac and cheese and Tom and Emily both had salads.  We all enjoyed catching up on life over our food.  Emily has always been very involved in sports but a shoulder injury ended her sports career.  She just had her second surgery on the shoulder and is still rehabbing.  She is majoring in English and we found lots of common points of interest.

At the Mystic Grill
Mac and Cheese
Chocolate Mousse
Pecan chocolate chip pie

After we were done with our main dishes, the waitress said those magic words, “Did you save room for dessert?”  Why yes!  Yes we did!  I had chocolate mousse and Tom and Emily both had warm pecan chocolate chip pie.

Me and Emily at Emory, Oxford Campus

After supper Emily met us at the Oxford campus of Emory University.  This is the honors college for freshmen and sophomores which she attends.  She showed us around the beautiful campus and talked about how each of the buildings is used.  It was a quick walk, however, because it was near freezing and Emily didn’t have a coat.

We really enjoyed our time with Emily.  We loved her as a little girl and it is nice to get to know the woman she has become.  Next year, when we are back at St. Simons, she said she is coming down to see us.  We will certainly look forward to that.