Flip Side Burger at Easton in Columbus

Tom and I love a good burger.  So we were very interested in an article in USA Today that listed the best burgers in all 50 states.  The burgers were rated on Trip Advisor and then USA Today compiled the ratings and wrote about them.  We were especially interested in Ohio where Swensons has been a perennial burger favorite.  But Swensons was not listed as the best burger in Ohio.  Instead, there was a place called Flip Side Burger with a Columbus address.

I had never heard of it, but my smart daughter-in-law Jackie knew just where it was.  On the day she took us furniture shopping, we stopped at Flip Side Burger for lunch at Easton.

Flip Side Burger started in the Cleveland area, so there are five Flip Sides north and one in Columbus.  Their burgers are made exclusively from Ohio raised, grass-fed beef. In 2011, Cleveland Scene wrote, “the burgers not only taste amazing, they boast health, environmental, and buy-local benefits…”.  The menu also features unique appetizers, free-range chicken sandwiches, fresh chopped salads and hand-cut triple cooked fries.

The chicken sandwich sounded really good, but John and Jackie convinced me to have a burger.  After all, we came because of their burger rating!  Tom and I both  ordered basic cheeseburgers but Jackie got the special “Thanksgiving Burger.”  Hers had a turkey burger with dressing, gravy, and mashed potatoes.  We also shared an order of fries and a corn dog appetizer.

Pile of fries

I loved the little corn dogs with wonderful corn bread batter.  They were delicious:  crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.  The burger was great and may have been the best burger I’ve had in Ohio.  The patty was thick but cooked all the way through and still juicy.  Tom still prefers Swensons with their thinner burger but I loved the juice dripping out of the sizzling burger.  The bun was substantial enough that it didn’t dissolve with the juice.  The french fries were also good and we got a lot of them to share.

Although Flip Side Burger was busy at lunchtime, we got a table quickly and the service was very good.  Our waiter helped us make good decisions about what to order and brought out the food the moment it was ready.  Hot and fresh.  Yum!

I would definitely get another burger at Flip Side Burger.  They serve good, fresh food and don’t try to do too much.  Their focus is the burger and there is nothing better than a good burger.