Frankfort Cemetery: Burial Place of the Boones?

While we were in Frankfort, I checked Trip Advisor to see what we should visit.  To my surprise, The Woolery was not among the top 100.  But we decided to see some of the other things listed.  We drove around downtown, saw the old State Capitol and then the current State Capitol.  Pretty impressive.  To finish off our day we decided to go to the Frankfort Cemetery, listed in the top ten.

Frankfort Cemetery is, supposedly, the final resting place of Rebecca and Daniel Boone.  They died when they were living in Missouri and were originally buried in Missouri in 1813 and 1820. According to the people of Kentucky, the bodies were removed from their graves in Missouri and reinterred in Frankfort Cemetery in 1845.

According to the people in Missouri, however, the bodies taken from the graves were not those of Daniel and Rebecca Boone.  Whether or not it was done deliberately, the people in Missouri claim the wrong bodies were taken.  Thus, Missouri continues to claim Daniel and Rebecca Boone are buried in Marthasville, Missouri.

So, of course, we had to visit Frankfort Cemetery and it is a very cool Cemetery.  Whether or not Daniel and Rebecca Boone are buried there, plenty of other interesting people are.  Sixteen former governors of Kentucky are interred at Frankfort Cemetery. I love to read old gravestones and found some fascinating stones.  One was the burial place of a judge who was shot “doing his duty.”  Several family plots included faithful canine companions.

Unlike many cemeteries, the Frankfort Cemetery mixed old gravestones with newer plots.  Confederate soldiers are buried next to Afghanistan war dead.  Elaborate modern headstones are located next to simple marble stones from the 1850’s.  The State Military Monument includes dead from every war.

We picked up a map at the office that helped us identify some of the more famous inhabitants of the cemetery.  Then we enjoyed walking around for a while.  The Frankfort Cemetery is located on a bluff overlooking the Kentucky River and the new capitol.  It is definitely worth a visit if you go to Frankfort, Kentucky.