Gap Creek Coffee House in Cumberland Gap

As long as I’m writing about Gap things this week, I might as well hit Gap Creek Coffee House and Café.  Tom and I haven’t tried too many new restaurants locally.  We only eat out once a week and we really like the sandwiches at Dutch Treat.  But we feel like we should try more than one local restaurant.  After all, there are three in Cumberland Gap.

Gap Creek Coffee House and Café is a sandwich shop and coffee house.  They also have ice cream, which was one of the reasons I wanted to try it.  We went there for lunch after we hiked to the Cumberland Gap and back.  The café is centrally located in Cumberland Gap – as is every other restaurant in the town.  It is located in an old one-story house.

Gap Creek Coffee House and Café has an extensive sandwich menu.  It also has a lot of different coffees, but that isn’t something to which I pay attention.  I ordered a BLT and Tom got a chicken salad sandwich.  Both of them came with potato chips.  Tom’s sandwich came on a croissant which surprised him a little.  The chicken salad was good although it had a lot of nuts.  The BLT was very good.  Both meals were just the right size and we didn’t feel totally stuffed afterward.

The best thing about the meal was the seating area.  We ate underneath a tree next to Gap Creek.  The creek is beautiful and it was a lovely accompaniment to the gently rustling leaves.

After we were done eating, I went back inside to check out the ice cream.  They had about six standard flavors and none of them looked like anything special.  The ice cream was in generic huge freezer tubs.  I decided to skip it.  The café also had some slices of cake for sale.  I skipped that as well.  The sandwich and chips did a good job of filling me up.

Tom and I enjoyed our meal at Gap Creek Coffee House and Café.  We would certainly eat there again.  However, if we are sticking to sandwiches and chips, Dutch Treat is going to be our first choice.