Are you a generous person?  Tom and I like to think that generosity is one of our traits.  We give generously of our financial resources and are willing to share what we have.

Generosity means giving as you have received.  Sharing what you have.  You can look at someone who gives away lots of money and think that they are generous, but I think real generosity comes from inside.  A heart that is open to the world.  A life that is not stingy, thinking primarily of what we lack but instead, thinking of how we can help.

We all know people who may be generous financially but always want something in return.  Or people who give because they are supposed to or think it makes them look good but not out of a generous, kind, or loving nature.  We have a choice:  we can keep our fists clenched around what we think is “ours” or we can realize that life here is temporary and the only things we can can keep are the memories of the good we have done.  We can live tightly closed or generously open.  We can weight the gift down with strings or let it fly away from us freely.

Generosity is a response to what we have received from God.  Are we overwhelmed with gratitude for the grace shown to us by God?  Or do we think we are entitled to it or deserve it in some way?  Entitlement is never generosity.   Do we thank God for his mercy and love or do we take them for granted?

f1aafbd02e79aa1dc40e8880606ff6d5God’s mercy to us is unlimited.  When we live out this same generosity, we never have to worry that there won’t be enough.  Living with open hearts and open hands means that the love and mercy of God will be passed on through us.