Hoggys BBQ Restaurant in Columbus

The first time we saw John and Jackie on this trip back to Ohio, we went to Hoggys BBQ Restaurant in Columbus.  John has started a hot sauce business called “Fartley Farms.”  One of the things he does, besides produce great hot sauces, is write a blog about the spiciest dishes in Columbus.  His byline is “Eating spicy things so you don’t have to.”  So he tries a lot of spicy dishes at new restaurants around Columbus.

Hoggys BBQ Restaurant is reputed to have some very spicy BBQ sauces for their wings.  As you can see, the XXX Inferno is “off the chart.”  John needed to try some of the wings so he could write about them for his blog, so we all tagged along.

Hoggys has been in business since 1991.  They are currently located on Bethel Road in Columbus.  They consider their food authentic southern BBQ with pulled pork and pulled chicken being customer favorites.  Hoggys also does a large amount of catering.

John ordered the wings.  Jackie ordered a sampler platter so John could try some of the other meats.  Tom got his usual pulled pork sandwich.  I ordered two sliders, a salad, and cheesy potatoes.  As you can see, we got large quantities of everything.  We could have easily cut out my sliders and still had plenty of food.

The food was good, but not great.  There are other BBQ places in Columbus that are better than Hoggys.  John tried the XXX Inferno sauce and it is currently #8 on his spiciest dish list.  One of the nice things about Hoggys is they had a large variety of sauces, all sitting out for you to try.  We took home several containers with leftovers.

XXX Inferno wings on the right
My lunch
Tom’s pulled pork

The restaurant wasn’t busy when we were there, even though it was Sunday after church.  If you want good BBQ in Columbus, I recommend eating at City BBQ which has several locations in the area.