Iguanas Seafood Restaurant on St Simons

There are so many wonderful restaurants on St. Simons Island that Tom and I would have to go there for years before we could try them all.  We tried a new one on the last night for the volunteers to get together:  Iguanas Seafood Restaurant.

Iguanas Seafood Restaurant is located on the main street by the Pier.  Every time we went downtown, there was a line of people waiting outside the restaurant.  We went on a Wednesday night and were seated right away, but most of the tables were full.

The decor inside the restaurant is fun and colorful.  There are giant fish hung from the ceiling and large seashore murals on the walls.  The restaurant serves primarily seafood and is proud to serve fresh caught Georgia shrimp.  I’m not a big seafood eater so I ordered the Caribbean Glazed Chicken.  It was delicious and just the right amount for a supper.  Tom got a sandwich and everyone else got the signature shrimp dinner.

There is only one option for dessert.  Iguanas has free soft serve ice cream with sundae style toppings.  Tom refrained but I had a little ice cream with hot fudge and some crushed Oreo cookies.  A nice, light dessert after a good meal.

There were six of us and we sat in a spacious booth.  Most of the seating is in some kind of booth but they had booths that could accommodate 14 people.   A brightly lit bar area dominated one end of the restaurant.  There is also outdoor seating.

I’m not sure if we will eat again at Iguanas.  The setting was fun and the service was good, but the food was about what you can get at any of the seafood restaurants on the island.  And there are so many seafood restaurants!  We need to keep working our way down the list.  But if you are downtown on St. Simons and want a good seafood place, Iguanas is worth a try.

Sharks jaws over the bar
Outdoor seating
Spacious booths and murals