Putting the Living History Library in Order

During our time at Fort Frederica National Monument, I noticed that no one seemed to be in charge of the Living History Library.  The Living History Library is a big room with lots of bins labeled with the name of what is supposed to be in the bin.  Unfortunately, the contents of the bins usually did not correspond to their labels.  After looking, unsuccessfully, through the bins for something I needed, I asked who was in charge.  No one knew – always a bad sign.

So I asked if anyone would mind me rearranging it.  At least I would be able to find the things I needed.  Everyone was very supportive (glad to wash their hands of the responsibility).  So, during slower times at the park, I headed into the Living History Library and slowly got it into shape.

The British Soldier uniform area was already fairly well organized, so I left it pretty much alone.  I labeled a couple of bins and threw out some empty shoe boxes.  The clothes for townspeople, men and women, needed more work.  I got everything sorted into the proper bins, added new labels, and rearranged the hanging clothes.  I also mended quite a few items so they could be used in the future.  The women’s accessories – stockings, caps, kerchiefs, aprons – were strewn all over the room.  Now they are in one bin labeled “Women’s Accessories.”

I put all the cooking and eating items in one area and threw out some broken bits.  The games had pieces and parts scattered in three separate baskets.  I put the games together so all the parts were present for each game.  I filled two writing desks with quills, ink, and sealing wax.  All the tools went on one shelf.  I put all the candle making equipment in a big basket.  Finally, I swept and dusted.

British solider uniforms
Belts, bayonets, and swords
Townspeople clothing
Stuff for colonial living
Fancier clothing

The Living History Library looked great when I finished.  Everything in its place and easy to find for the next person who uses it.  I wonder how long it will stay that way?