Last Visitors in Pennsylvania (I Think)

We have enjoyed a very sociable summer with more visitors than we have had any place we have worked.  The visitors started with a surprise visit from Cheryl and Megan.  Then we continued to Chris and Bill, Eric and Sandy, John and Jackie, Steve and Amy, Steve and Kathy and their girls, and the Wedgewood Women.  We had our last visitors of the summer this last week (I think).

Aunt Anne and Uncle Paul stopped by for just a short visit on Sunday.  They left Ohio about 6 a.m. and got here in time for a fort tour, a musket demonstration, and Tom’s blacksmith talk.  Anne and Paul spent quite a while in museum.  Uncle Paul wanted to know if the Conestoga wagon might be for sale.  He has been trying to get one for his museum.  They thought about staying for supper but it would have been a very long day.  Instead, they headed back home about 3 p.m.

The reason Anne and Paul might have stayed was Mom and Dad coming Sunday in time for supper.  If they had stayed, we would have gone to the Stone House Inn.  Because they left, we met Mom and Dad for supper at the busiest Dairy Queen in the world.  I don’t usually do posts on chain restaurants, but the Dairy Queen in Uniontown is always super busy.  They have a lot of people working there, so service is fast.  But it isn’t unusual to have 30 cars in the parking lot and another 10 in the drive through line.  The food is good and the place is clean so you can find us there before or after church most Sunday evenings.

We set out a game plan for Mom and Dad’s stay.  As our last visitors, we had a couple of things we had not visited yet and have been holding for them.  We looked at the map and laid out our goals for the three days they were going to be in town.

Monday Mom and Dad were on their own until we got off work.  They went to Friendship Hill in the morning and came out to Fort Necessity in the afternoon.  They got a Fort Tour and saw Tom do a musket firing demonstration.  Then they watched the movie and checked out the museum until we got off work.  We had supper at Braddock’s Inn and walked over to visit Braddock’s grave afterward.

Dad and his coverlet

On Tuesday we picked Mom and Dad up in the morning and headed to Polymath Park, which I will write more about tomorrow.  Then we drove to Bedford to see the National Museum of the American Coverlet.  They were eager to meet Laszlo and show him Dad’s coverlet.  I called on Monday and the woman who answered the phone told me that I didn’t need an appointment.  Laszlo was always there.  I even asked if Tuesday or Wednesday was a better day.  Again, she repeated that Laszlo was always there.

Well, guess what!  We got to the Coverlet Museum and Laszlo wasn’t there!  He had gone out to get supplies for the Coverlet College coming up over the weekend.  The woman working the desk tried to get in touch with him but he didn’t answer his cellphone.  We were very disappointed not to see Laszlo, especially since we traveled all the way to Bedford for that purpose, but we enjoyed the museum anyway.

We ate at the Stone House Inn Restaurant for supper.  Even though the food was good, only the new part of the restaurant (the bar) was open and the service was very slow.

On Wednesday Mom and Dad picked us up.  We stopped first at Ohiopyle Falls.  Then we headed to Flight 93, which I will write more about on Thursday.  We had lunch at Penn Alps and then explored the Spruce Forest Artisan Village, which we all enjoyed.  I stuck to the salad bar and Tom got another tuna fish sandwich.  I had a chance to talk to Anne Jones again and see what she was working on this time.

At Ohiopyle Falls

After looking at the Toll House in Addison, Mom and Dad dropped us off at the RV.  Later we took some peanut butter and bread over to their hotel for a light supper followed by a rousing game of Dominoes.  Mom and Dad gave us their extra domino set when they were moving and this was the first chance we had to try it out.  Dad came from behind for the victory.

Mom and Dad left for home on Thursday morning and Tom and I returned to our routine.  We enjoyed our last visitors of the summer very much.  Some things we saw a lot and others we saw just enough, but we had plenty of things to see with all of our visitors.  Mostly, it was just good to spend time with people we love.