Nature Trail at Fort Frederica National Monument

Two years ago when we were working at Fort Frederica, they were putting in a one mile nature trail.  They had just finished clearing the trail in April and were getting ready to put up trail markers and signs.  Then, that fall, another hurricane hit the Fort.  So many pine trees were uprooted that when we came back last year we couldn’t even find the nature trail.  The damage couldn’t be fixed by the maintenance people at Fort Frederica.  They had to hire contractors to remove all the trees.

This year, when we arrived at Fort Frederica, we were pleasantly surprised to see the Nature Trail fully functional again.  For us, this is the first year we have used the trail.  And we use it all the time.  Because we can access it from the area just behind our RV, we walk on the Nature Trail almost every day.

Although the Nature Trail is only a mile long, it is a lovely walk through a maritime forest and the grounds of Fort Frederica.  The first part of the trail wanders along Stephens Road, which has a nice neighborhood of houses on the other side.  Maintenance Ranger Tony opened up the fence so people in the neighborhood can access the trail anytime.  There is also a pull-off parking area on the road so people can enjoy the sunset along the river on park property after hours.

The last part of the trail follows the Frederica River into Fort Frederica.  This is a wonderful place to spot shorebirds, animals and sometimes an alligator or dolphin.  It is particularly beautiful at sunset when the golden sunlight touches the Spanish moss.  There are several benches by the kayak dock and we often find local people enjoying the view.

Tom and I add some distance to the Nature Trail by continuing around the town site and walking through the Wesley Azalea Garden.  The full loop is two miles and takes us just over 30 minutes.  A very nice walk and a good way to get some steps in.

We enjoy the Nature Trail at Fort Frederica.  From the volume of people on it every day, it looks like the people who live locally are enjoying it too.  It is a good addition to the park.