Mrs Turbos Cookies in Powell Ohio

John and Jackie love to find restaurants, bakeries and stores to show us when we visit Ohio.  In November they took us to a place that is bound to become a favorite:  Mrs Turbos Cookies.

Mrs Turbos Cookies was started in Columbus in 2012 in Gahanna.  It is a 50’s style, retro bakery that uses only the freshest natural ingredients.  All their items are made in small batches in the cookie shop itself.  You will pay a little more for a cookie here, but it is definitely worth it.

When we went we admired the cookies for a while.  Each one seemed like a little bakery work of art.  There was a nice variety with traditional flavors, such as chocolate chip, and a few pushing the edge cookies.  The four of us ordered a dozen cookies, with each of us picking three to try.  I picked a soft frosted sugar cookie, a double chocolate cookie, and an oatmeal chocolate chip.  It would be hard to say which one was my favorite because they were all delicious.

Mrs Turbo was sitting at the counter when we were in the store.  John and Jackie told her how much they liked her cookies and mentioned they brought us to try them.  She looks a lot like the artwork, although the artwork is somewhat idealized.  She owns the company and doesn’t franchise because she wants to control the quality of her cookies.  After running the successful shop in Gahanna, she opened a shop in Powell because it was closer to her home.

Mrs Turbos Cookies does a lot of business with weddings and showers.  They can make cookies and cakes that fit just about any description.  Of course, all of them will be delicious.  You can also order milk and hot chocolate in her shop and enjoy a cookie at one of the small tables.  We got our cookies to go.

Mrs Turbos Cookies is a fun place to visit and the cookies are melt-in-your-mouth addictive.  I’m glad they are only in Columbus, because it wouldn’t do for me to have them too close to where I am!