New Hairdresser and New (sort of) Style

While I was in Ohio, I decided to find a new hairdresser.  My last two haircuts at Great Clips have definitely not been great.  I am tired of such hit or miss haircuts.  So I decided that, if I could find a new hairdresser in Columbus, I could at least get a good haircut twice a year.  Then I might not mind the hack jobs quite so much in between.

Jackie recommended her stylist, Amanda Peterfy at Uptown Hair Design in Westerville.  I called but Amanda was booked past Christmas.  She said she would call if she had a cancellation and a day later, she did!  So, the week before Christmas I headed to Historic Uptown Westerville to meet my new hairdresser.

Uptown Hair Design is a tiny salon with just three stylists’ chairs.  This gives it a family feel when each of the stylists has a customer in the chair.  Unlike other salons where you ignore conversations going on around you, the three stylists and their customers entered into one another’s conversations in a very natural way.  It felt like a group of friends chatting with each other.  In fact, the one waiting customer who was totally engrossed in her cell phone was the one who seemed out of place.

Amanda Peterfy is one of the partners at Uptown Hair Design.  She helped open the shop in 2012.  She is the newleywed wife of John’s Skol and Bones partner Geoff Peterfy.  So there are lots of connections between us in a round-about way.  She also styles John’s hair and is helping him look managerial these days.  My new hairdresser is now our family hairdresser!  Amanda is very friendly and we were soon chatting like old friends. Like most hairdressers, she is good at keeping the conversation going.

Amanda started by listening to what I wanted – and she really listened as she examined my hair.  Then she washed it and started cutting.  She took her time, and we discussed things it is important for a stylist to know.  I like a wash and wear style that doesn’t require any work and I don’t like my hair on my face.  She suggested some extra layers, which sounded good to me.  And she wasn’t afraid to cut my bangs short.

The cut was more expensive than Great Clips, but I felt I got my money’s worth.  I have a hairstyle that is just what I want, looks good, and is easy to care for.  When I left, I felt like I had made a new friend, one that I can go back to in April and she will remember me and know what I want.  I just wish her haircuts could last four months, but my hair grows too fast for that.

I really like my new hairdresser, Amanda, and look forward to returning for another cut.  If you are looking for a place on the north side of Columbus to get your hair cut, I highly recommend Uptown Hair Design.