Georges Linworth Diner in Worthington, Ohio

The last place that John and Jackie took us to eat while we were in Ohio was Georges Linworth Diner in Worthington.  Diners are always fun and this place is a new favorite for John and Jackie.  We went there to eat in between Saturday morning choir practice and the 12:50 showing of “Knives Out,” so we were a little crunched for time.  If you are going around noon on a Saturday, it would probably be best to go when you have plenty of time.

We were seated right away and looked over the menus.  The waitress, who was very busy, got our drinks and took our order in a timely fashion.  While we waited for the food I looked around.  The Georges Linworth Diner has a typical diner look, but it is in a new strip mall.  It opened a year ago and looks very popular.  There was a constant line of people waiting to be seated, although they didn’t have to wait for long.

The menu is very diverse, with breakfast served anytime.  Georges Linworth Diner has a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and salads.  I ordered blueberry pancakes and Tom got a breakfast sandwich.  John and Jackie ordered an omelette and a wrap.  Jackie also got one pancake, because sometimes you just want a pancake.

The pancakes were large and delicious.  I only got two, but they filled the plate.  Tom also really liked his sandwich and hash browns.  The only ding I have about Georges Linworth Diner is that I didn’t have enough time to eat my pancakes.  By the time I got through half of one, we had to leave for the movie.  Everyone else was pretty much done with their food, so I had did not pay enough attention to the time.  It wasn’t that the food was served slowly – we just didn’t have enough time between getting there and the movie time.

I would love to eat at Georges Linworth Diner again – when I can have a more leisurely meal.  If you are in the area, it is a fun and comfortable place to eat.