Paul Revere Restaurant in Lexington, Ohio

I have one last post about Ohio before I move on to telling you more than you ever wanted to know about southwestern Pennsylvania.  One of the places we eat frequently with Mom and Dad is Paul Revere Restaurant in Lexington.  But, although we eat there frequently, I have never written about it.

Paul Revere Restaurant is a family owned and operated local restaurant that is very popular among the older set.  Lots of seniors eat there and the waitresses know people by name and remember their drink orders after a few visits.  My parents know the owners and most of the waitresses so they like the personal service.

The restaurant used to be open all day long, but now they are open mostly for breakfast and lunch.  The only day they serve past 2 p.m. is Friday.  This works for Paul Revere Restaurant.  It always seems busy when we are there at lunch.  But the one time we ate there in the evening, we were the only diners.

Mom and Dad like eating at Paul Revere because the food is fresh and good without being fancy.  The servings are right-sized instead of huge and they are reasonably priced.  Sandwiches are a staple of the lunch menu.  The last time we ate there, I ordered a grilled ham and cheese on sourdough bread.  Tom ordered a patty melt on sourdough.  Dad got a burger and Mom ordered a salad.  Tom and I shared a side of fries.

Everything was very good and just enough.  My sandwich was grilled to perfection with the ham warm and the cheese melted.  None of us needed a leftover container, which isn’t the case most of the places we eat with Mom and Dad.  The owner stopped by the table to say hi.  The waitress was attentive but not hovering, and kept our drinks refilled as appropriate.

I’m sure we will eat at Paul Revere Restaurant again.  Consistent good food at a good price is a recipe for success.