Road Trip

This week Tom and I took a road trip.  You might think our lives right now are one big road trip and you would be right!  But usually we take our house with us wherever we go.  On the road trip this week we left the house behind.  We needed a break from each other!

We headed to Memphis, TN, for our road trip.  Memphis is on the opposite end of the state from Chattanooga, so even though it is the same state, it is still five hours away.  We went to Memphis to see Steve and Amy.  Steve was John’s best friend from the time John was seven until he went off to college.  Steve and Amy moved to Memphis in April because Amy got a really good job in her field (Hospital Pediatric Dietitian). So, even though Memphis was a long drive for a short visit, we know how much you miss friends and family when you live far away.

We headed to Memphis on Sunday after work.  You might remember that Sunday was the time change, so it was pretty much dark when we left at five.  It was also raining.  Not the best driving weather.  Shortly after we headed west, we changed time zones, so now we were two hours earlier (later?).  We drove all the way to Memphis on Sunday evening and got there about 9:30, which would have been 11:30 on Saturday.  I mention all that because I have a harder time adjusting to time changes as I get older and my body is still confused three days later.

memphis 151On Monday we headed to Steve and Amy’s apartment.  They have a very nice two-bedroom apartment in a complex of 750 units.  The buildings are arranged around a lovely pond so we took a walk around the pond and got a good look at where they live.  They live just off a busy retail area, so stores and restaurants are very convenient.  We spent some time talking and got to meet their hamster Belle.  Sorry the picture is blurry – Belle moves fast!

memphis 156Steve has traveled with our family a lot so he knows what we like.  Steve and Amy took us to Central BBQ for lunch.  It had a pig on the sign, so it has to be good.  We stood in line to order then they brought the food to our table.  I had the brisket, Tom had his usual pulled pork, and Steve and Amy split a rack of ribs.  Everything was good.

memphis 157But the best part of the meal was going to a bakery called Muddy’s Bake Shop.  They had cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies – so many goodies, so little time (so many calories)!  Jackie had actually recommended it to Steve and Amy and it was a good place to check out.  I got a slice of grasshopper cake:  rich and fudgy deliciousness with a green peppermint (creme de menthe) frosting.  Tom got the chocolate chess pie.  He really liked it.

Unfortunately Steve had to go to work, so our short visit was over.  But we really enjoyed seeing a little bit of Memphis (glad to get out of that traffic!) and especially spending some time with Steve and Amy.  Now that we are home from our road trip, I am trying to get adjusted to the time change before we head back to work tomorrow.  It helps that we are back to Eastern time and only have one hour to deal with.