Rocky Bay Cafe in Friday Harbor


Front of Rocky Bay Cafe

Before we leave San Juan Island and Friday Harbor, I want to review one more restaurant.  It turns out all that we ate more than once at all the restaurants I’ve reviewed, so we had to return a second time to Rocky Bay Cafe before I wrote my review.

Rocky Bay Cafe is a small, easily overlooked restaurant on Spring Street in Friday Harbor.  John and Jackie ate breakfast there when they visited us.  They recommended it, but it is always so busy and we didn’t want to stand in a long line to eat there.  But one day, after church, we decided we could wait, so we put our name on the list and waited for a table to become available.  After a ten minute wait we were escorted to a booth along the wall.

Tom and I both ordered breakfast.  Val and her mom, Nancy, ordered a lunch to share.  We started with an appetizer cinnamon roll which we split four ways.  It was super yummy!  Big and doughy with icing to please any sweet tooth.

Our food came quickly.  My burrito was delicious but too big for me to eat.  I saved half of it for another time.  Tom had a sausage and pepper scramble.  Val and Nancy shared a halibut lunch burrito.  They said it was wonderful.

Breakfast burrito
Pepper and sausage scamble
French Dip sandwich
Cinnamon rolls and donuts
Inside the Cafe
Discussing the menu

We went back last Sunday.  Again, we had about a ten minute wait.  This time, however, they didn’t have any cinnamon rolls.  The owner / baker said he was so short-handed he didn’t have time to make donuts or cinnamon rolls.  Several customers were disappointed, but the rest of the food is good enough to make up for it.  Tom ordered an omelette and Val and Johnny shared a cheeseburger.  I had a french dip roast beef sandwich.  The french dip sandwich was much smaller than the previous burrito, which made it the right size for lunch.  I tried some of Tom’s hashbrowns which were excellent.

Rocky Bay Cafe is an excellent place to eat in Friday Harbor.  The food is fresh and delicious with generous serving sizes.  Hopefully, if you go, they will have cinnamon rolls.  You might have to wait, but the wait will be worth it.