RV Lifestyle Interview: We’re Famous! (not really)

In December Tom and I were interviewed by Mike and Jennifer Wendland of RV Lifestyle.  Mike and Jennifer started a blog about RVing when they retired and now they have a business as RV influencers.  Not only do they have a big website, but they also have a blog, an RV Podcast, an RV Lifestyle YouTube channel, a weekly RV Lifestyle Newsletter, and a Facebook group with more than 100,000 followers.  In addition they have written a series of 10 books and travel guides about the RV Lifestyle.

I “met” Mike and Jennifer when I started listening to their podcast.  Although they started with a podcast, they now have a YouTube channel and all the podcasts can be watched on the YouTube channel.  They have some helpful tips about RVing and do an interview with someone every week.  The interviews tend to highlight different ways that people are enjoying the RV lifestyle.  At the end of every interview, Mike always says to let them know if we know anyone who would be a good interview.

Mike and Jennifer Wendland in a picture from their website

I emailed RV Livestyle in November and suggested that they interview someone who volunteered in the National Parks.  I gave them several suggestions of people that we have worked with and also shared a little of our story.  Mike replied almost immediately, asking if we were available to be interviewed the next day.  We weren’t available on that day, but we arranged an interview time on December 13.  Our interview was available on the podcast on December 15.  You can read, listen to or watch the podcast by going to the links on this page.

We had a good time doing the interview via Zoom.  My biggest problem with Zoom is knowing where to look.  I tend to look at the peoples’ faces, but then you aren’t looking at the camera.  Tom reminded me before the interview to look in the camera, which I succeeded in doing about half the time.  Tom, on the other hand, rarely looked at the camera so he always seems to be looking down.  I asked him, when we watched the interview, where he was looking, and he said he was looking at their faces.  We enjoyed talking to Mike and Jennifer Wendland and sharing our adventures.  The interview was too short for us to share in any detail and we didn’t even mention all our parks.

One of the best things about working in the National Parks and living in an RV is the people we get to meet.  We enjoyed being interviewed by Mike and Jennifer Wendland and hope to meet them in person at some point along the way.