Scott’s BBQ in Waynesville, Georgia

One day Mady, a local volunteer who comes in on Saturdays, mentioned that she was getting Scott’s BBQ after work.  Tom and I are always on the lookout for good BBQ, so I asked her about it.  She told me it was the very best BBQ in the area.  Southern Soul is the place on the island that gets all the hype, but Tom and I haven’t been that thrilled with it.  Mady said that Scott’s was a just a dive – a shack and smokehouse with picnic tables.  Our experience has been that this is the best kind of BBQ place, so we were eager to go.

We talked Bob and Denise Verba into taking part of a Tuesday off so that they could go with us to Scott’s BBQ.  They were working extra days that week anyway, so they arranged their schedule to go with us.  The only drawback to Scott’s is that it is in Waynesville, Georgia, which is about 45 minutes away.  Not a huge distance to travel for BBQ, but far enough that we had to schedule a special trip to get there.  Mady knows about it because she lives in Waynesville.

When we got to Scott’s BBQ it looked exactly as advertised.  There was a shack with a smokehouse behind it and a covered picnic pavilion with six picnic tables.  As we pulled up we saw that the parking lot was filled with worker trucks.  That is always a good sign for a BBQ place because it means the locals like to eat there.  The lady at the window said they were out of brisket and banana pudding.  The brisket wasn’t a problem, but I was hoping to try the banana pudding.  Oh well, maybe another time.

Tom ordered the pulled pork sandwich with a side of slaw and all the rest of us ordered a potato bomb.  Potato bombs are described as “pulled pork, sour cream, butter, cheese, and our signature sauce.”  When we opened our takeout containers at the picnic table, we found that the potato bombs were the biggest twice baked potatoes we had ever seen.  And they were smothered with pulled pork, cheese, and BBQ sauce.

The shack where you order
Picnic tables
Pulled pork sandwich
Potato Bomb
A good lunch with good friends

We dug into our food.  Tom said the pulled pork sandwich was only average.   I tasted the coleslaw and it had a weird flavor.  It was creamy slaw but had too much vinegar or the cabbage was overripe.  Not very good.

But the potato bombs!  The potato bombs took Scott’s BBQ to a whole new level!  Mine was delicious – every bite of it.  And it was so big that I ate half at lunch, then Tom and I both had the other half for supper.  The pulled pork was shown off to advantage with the cheese and base of potato.  It was so good that I would be glad to have another one anytime.

It is probably good that Scott’s BBQ is a 45 minute drive.  Potato bombs will only fit in my diet occasionally – but you can be sure that there will be another one in my future!  And next time, I think Tom will probably order one of his own.