Sharis Cafe and Pies: Western Bakers Square

When Tom and I were in western Washington we discovered a new favorite place to eat.  We were staying at Silver Cove RV Resort but needed good internet, so we headed to Kelso.  When we are searching for good internet, we find a local place to eat that will let us hang out in a booth for a while after a meal.  Sharis Cafe and Pies seemed like the best place to do this in Kelso.

Sharis Cafe and Pies is open 24 hours a day.  We went around lunchtime and were quickly seated at a booth.  The waitress brought us the menu and we ordered some sandwiches.  The food was good but pretty ordinary.  But what really caught our eye was the display case full of pie.  Gorgeous, yummy pies of every description.  And, in case we were likely to forget, Sharis has reminders all over the menu, the placemats, and on the wall saying “Don’t forget the pie!”

Tom and I ate our sandwiches, worked on our computers for a little while, then ordered pie.  Tom got peanut butter chocolate silk and I got marionberry pie a la mode.  The tartness of the marionberries was perfectly offset by the sweetness of the ice cream.  My pie was served warm and both pies were delicious!  We liked them so much we got marionberry pie to go to give to Brad for fixing our water heater.  Turns out he is from Oregon (home of marionberries) and loves marionberry pie!

We did a little research on Sharis Cafe and Pies and found out that it is a chain that is all over California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  When we were in Twin Falls, Idaho, we stopped in to Sharis and got some pie to go.  In Scott’s Bluff, Nebraska, I spotted a Sharis and suggested we eat there.  Tom thought the food we had in the RV would be a better choice.  Spoilsport!

Outside of Sharis Cafe
Gourmet Pies
Classic Pies
Marionberry Pie
Peanut Butter Chocolate Silk

Sharis Cafe and Pies reminds us a lot of Baker’s Square.  We used to have a Baker’s Square in Akron and we ate there frequently.  We always ordered our holiday pies from Baker’s Square.  The Akron location closed (bummer) but there are still Baker’s Squares in the Cleveland area and in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  So Sharis Cafe and Pies starts where Baker’s Square ends.

If you get out west and you see a Sharis Cafe and Pies, stop in and have something to eat.  And don’t forget the pie!


  • Brenda Ferguson

    Will remember Shari’s & especially want to try the marionberry – ala mode of course!

    • revkaren54

      Of course!