Soldier Talk at Fort Necessity National Battlefield

I’m taking a break from sharing history lessons with you this week to tell you a little bit about what Tom has been doing here at Fort Necessity.  Our second day at work, Ranger Brian took Tom up to the historical clothing area and got him outfitted as a soldier in the South Carolina Independent Regiment.  Soldiers from this company were also at Fort Frederica ten years earlier, so it is basically the same uniform.  Ever since he got his clothing, Tom spends every working day giving the soldier talk out at the Fort.

Last week Tom had black powder training (again).  Now he can shoot the musket when he gives the soldier talk.  Our summer schedule started on Sunday at the Fort, so now we have a ranger guided tour at 10:30, 12:30, and 2:30 every day.  These ranger guided tours to the Fort are followed by a soldier talk and historic weapons demonstration at 11, 1, and 3.  Sunday Tom assisted Ranger Josh and fired the musket.  Monday Tom gave the talk and let volunteer Joe fire the musket.

Tom’s soldier talk here at Fort Necessity isn’t much different than his soldier talk at Fort Frederica.  He worked in a few things about the George Washington’s Virginia Regiment.  Tom also talks about the differences between being a provincial soldier and a member of a regular British unit.  Each park is a little different in the ways they want to shoot and the rules they use.  But shooting is essentially the same.  Flash, click, BOOM!  Tom was a little disgusted on Sunday because his gun misfired several times.  He changed the flint on the gun and it worked fine on Monday.

Tom spends every day dressed as a soldier out at Fort Necessity.  He loves giving the soldier talk and demonstrating the musket.  I think he also likes getting his picture taken 100 times a day.  We tease him about being a picture hog and being outstanding in his field.  Having him out at the Fort enhances the visitor’s experience at Fort Necessity.  They can read about the soldiers, but being able to talk to one makes it memorable.