Sonic Drive-In, A Delicious and Fun Place to Eat

With our frequent trips to Brunswick, Tom and I have been stopping off for a milkshake at Sonic when we drive by.  This last week we had Mom and Dad with us and they never ate at Sonic.  Never ate at a Sonic Drive-In!  Can you believe it?  Granted, there aren’t many Sonics in Ohio and the closest one to them is in Marion, but still.

Sonic Drive-In started in Shawnee, Oklahoma, in 1953.  They were the first drive-in to use speakers for ordering, giving them the slogan, “Service at the Speed of Sound.”  Sonic stresses fast service and made-to-order fresh food.  The corporate headquarters are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  TJ Jagodowski and Peter Grosz have been the commercial face of Sonic since 2004.  Although there are Sonics in 45 states, most of them are in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Dad keeps us updated

As I previously mentioned, Tom and I like their milkshakes.  We have had Sonic Drive-In milkshakes in Nevada, Texas, Nebraska, South Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  I’m sure we have enjoyed them in several other states as well, but these are the locations that stand out.

When we went to the Sonic Drive-In with Mom and Dad, we showed them how to order at one of the speakers in the center, where the tables are located.  We ordered our sandwiches, tots, and shakes and then let them do the same.  Dad stayed by the speaker and read us the order updates as they showed up – one of the fun things to do at Sonic.  We all enjoyed our fresh, hot burgers and tots.  We especially loved the thick, chocolaty milkshakes.  I like mine with the whipped cream and cherry.  Tom likes his without and Sonic will make them however you like them.  I think the other milkshake flavors sound intriguing but I always stick with chocolate.  I don’t think anything could taste better.

Enjoying our delicious food

Sonic Drive-In serves fresh fast food that is affordable and good.  If you haven’t been to a Sonic yet, I encourage you to try it.

  • Kristine Moye

    Went couple times in Florida, I’ll have to give them another chance.

    • revkaren54

      I take it you didn’t like them. Typical drive-in food for the most part, but we really like the shakes! There is one in North Canton.