St Simons Sweets on Mallery Street

My favorite place to get a sweet treat on the island is St Simons Sweets.  Last year, when Tom and I wandered around downtown, we wondered why there wasn’t a fudge shop or ice cream shop close to the pier.  Turns out we were just walking past it!  It also turns out this is exactly the reason why St Simons Sweets opened in the first place – because there wasn’t anyplace like it on the island.

St Simons Sweets is tucked away in a corner shop with an unobtrusive sign.  The old screen door at the front of the shop hides rather than reveals the delights inside.  But we finally discovered it last year around the first of April.  Probably a good thing we didn’t find it earlier because I wanted to go there every week after we found it.

After Mom showed me “A Pane in the Glass” I took her and Dad to St Simons Sweets.  Even though they walked along Mallery Street often, they had also missed this fun sweet shop.

Peanut clusters and “White Trash”
Turtles and Pralines
Ice Cream
A new flavor
Whale Crispys
Ladybug Crispys
Saltwater Taffy
Giant gummy bears


St Simons Sweets has several parts.  As soon as you walk in the old screen door, you see the delicious-looking fudge in so many different flavors.  There are some flavors here that you will not find in any other fudge shop:  strawberry, coconut bon bon, and key lime pie.  Then there are the Mallery Street Pecan treats:  glazed pecans, “slap yo mama” pecan cookies, pecan pralines, and caramel pecan crispys.

The Crispys get their own special treatment at St Simons Sweets.  Most of us are familiar with Rice Krispie Treats.  Crispys are Rice Krispie Treats on steroids.  Molded into whimsical shapes and covered with chocolate and all kinds of other deliciousness.  Right now Easter Bunny Crispys are holding sway.

Other candies, including Jelly Belly and Gummy Bears are available at St Simons Sweets.  The requisite salt water taffy is available in many different flavors.  There are also baked goods, such as cookies and cupcakes.  An entire beautiful display centers on a variety of caramel and chocolate covered apples.  Tom really likes the peanut butter bars.

Finally, at the back of St Simons Sweets is the ice cream.  All of the ice cream is made on-site in small batches, so you never know what you will find from day to day.  The ice cream maker likes to experiment with different flavors.  I have tried his banana pudding ice cream – tastes just like banana pudding – and his Lucky Charms ice cream.  Last time we were in there, I noticed the Girls Scout Samoa Cookie flavor.  I generally stick to more traditional ice cream flavors like Brownie Delight, Cookies and Cream, or Mint Chocolate Chip.

St Simons Sweets is exactly the kind of shop you need on the main street of an island town.  You can pick up a sweet treat and stroll along the pier or through the park, enjoying the lovely weather.  Island living at its best!