Pane in the Glass: A Shop on St. Simons Island

I love finding unique stores with a selection of local and offbeat items.  Mom knows this and suggested a little store close to the apartment she and Dad rented when they were here on St. Simons Island.  One lovely morning we walked down Ocean Boulevard to “A Pane in the Glass.”

I knew I was going to love it just from the name.  “A Pane in the Glass” specializes in glass repair and special-order stained glass.  They have lots of stained glass art for sale.  But the store is so much more than stained glass.  There are several small rooms filled with an eclectic mix of items.  You have to take your time and really look.  I felt like I was discovering treasures in every corner.

Beaded shell blooms on the walls captured my attention with their lovely translucence.  I had to look at stained glass flowers from all angles because the sun shining through the glass changed my perspective.  Whimsical wooden panels captured my attention and made me smile.  I considered buying a jigsaw puzzle with a local view.  Tom really liked a map of the Golden Isles painted on a wooden board, but we couldn’t figure out where to hang it in the RV.

“A Pane in the Glass” started in 1978 with a stained-glass artist who moved to St. Simons Island.  Instead of staying in a narrow niche, however, it expanded to become an art and gift shop that is different from the many upscale shops on the island.  They describe themselves as “a different kind of shop with uncommon gifts and cool stuff for your place.”  I certainly agree with that description.

This unique little shop is my favorite non-food shop on St. Simons Island.  I will be stopping in again before we head back to Ohio.  There are a few things I want to pick up for some folks . . .