Stitchery on St. Simons Island Georgia

Have I mentioned that Tom and I love living on St. Simons Island?  Besides having absolutely perfect weather, we are only a few miles from everything we need and want.  With the abundant bike trails, we can ride our bike pretty much everywhere we want to go.  We walk to church and to work.  And, to add to the perfection of living on the island, there is a yarn shop called The Stitchery just four miles from our house.

The Stitchery is a yarn and needlepoint shop located just down the road.  I stopped by there for the first time a few weeks ago (riding the bike there, naturally).  I needed some fingering weight wool yarn for a historic knitting pattern (fingerless mitts) that I am making for the Fort Frederica.  My first impression of the yarn shop was definitely positive.

Beautiful yarns are everywhere:  arranged in piles, on shelves, on tables, and around knitted items.  There are a lot of handspun and hand-dyed yarns.  I loved all the yarn blends.  Because this is southern Georgia, you don’t need a lot of heavy wools.  The Stitchery carries the heavy wools, but it also carries silk and mohair blends and an abundance of cotton blends.  There was some gorgeous bamboo yarn that spilled through my fingers as I held it.

The Stitchery also carries needlepoint supplies.  Good yarn stores abound compared to needlepoint stores!  The store newsletter describes new needlepoint techniques in every issue.  I don’t do needlepoint but – if I did – I would love this shop even more.

The store has a big selection of pattern books and magazines.  I tend to limit my time in yarn shops because I have such a small space for storing yarn in the RV.  I don’t want to overindulge!  The shop owner told me that my favorite knitting magazine, Knitter’s, has stopped publication.  Their winter 2016 / 2017 edition was the last one.

Luscious colors
Unique hand-dyed yarn
Needlepoint canvases
Some of the silk blends
All kinds of yarns
An inviting entrance
Colorful displays

The Stitchery stocks every kind of knitting or needlepoint accessory you could want.  The only thing The Stitchery doesn’t have is a updated web page.  Even though the newsletter has classes for February, the web page is still showing classes from September and October.  I hate non-updated web pages because I get most of my information about places from the web.

If you love to knit and will be in the Golden Isles area, then you definitely want to stop by The Stitchery.  I’m headed there again this afternoon to see if I want to sign up for a February class.  It would be fun to knit with a group again!