Sals Neighborhood Pizzeria on St. Simons

A couple of weeks ago Tom and I wanted a pizza.  We are on low sodium diets, so pizza is a rare and special treat.  The pizza has to be great when we have it.  We asked a few people for their recommendations and they all told us to go to Sals Neighborhood Pizzeria.  So we headed south a few miles, hoping that Sals would live up to the billing.

Sals Neighborhood Pizzeria is in the center of a bunch of shops near the center of St. Simons Island.  We located it by the lights and laughter.  The place was packed and it looked like everyone there was having a great time.  Groups of people were waiting for a table, but Tom and I were seated right away because there were only two of us.  There is indoor and outdoor seating and all the tables are so close together, you better get along with your neighbors!


We ordered a large “Deluxe” pizza and then sat back people watching.  It seemed like everyone knew everyone else.  One person was greeting everyone and talking very loudly.  We thought he might be Sal until we realized that Sal was the one spinning the crusts behind the counter.  We were able to watch the pizzas being made and going into the large brick oven.  Our mouths watered as we watched the food being delivered to the other tables.  Everything looked good!

Our pizza came after just a short wait.  I couldn’t wait to bite into it!  It was as delicious as it looked.  The crust was just right – not too thin and plenty chewy – and the sauce was tangy.  The cheese was layered on and there were lots of toppings.  It was fun to watch the waitresses weaving in and out around the tables.  All the ways around were definitely one way!

We will definitely be getting more pizzas at Sals Neighborhood Pizzeria.  Knowing how busy it is, however, we might call ahead and pick it up to drool over at home.