Braddocks Inn Restaurant in Farmington, Pennsylvania

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a place to eat close to us.  Monday was a case in point.  Our friends Chris and Bill were visiting for a few days and we wanted a place to eat after work.  We knew the Stone House Inn is closed on Monday so that was out.  The Stone House Smokehouse is also closed on Mondays.  The Maywood Grill is closed on Sunday, so we thought we would go there.  After all, if they are closed Sunday then they should be open Monday.  But they were also closed Monday.  So we settled on Braddocks Inn Restaurant.  Open Sunday and Monday but closed Tuesday.

We had heard mixed reviews of Braddocks Inn Restaurant and weren’t sure what to expect.  But we had a wonderful meal.  The restaurant is small with an eclectic decorating scheme.  So many places around here try to go colonial, but Braddocks was more western meets Mom and Pop.  They call it “mountain top country cookin’.”  About half the tables were full, including a long table right next to the ice cream freezer display.  Specials are written on a chalkboard that can be seen from most of the tables.

I ordered the pork chops, Tom and Chris got the pulled pork panini, and Bill ordered Pasta Bolognese.  Everything was delicious:  fresh and hot.  The side salads were crisp.  The vegetables are frozen before they are cooked, which I like better than canned.  The portions weren’t huge and there was a nice selection of sides.  Braddocks Inn Restaurant specializes in desserts, which I love.  But by the time we finished our meals we were too full for dessert.  I may have to go back and just have an apple dumpling for supper sometime.  The food was reasonably priced and the service was good.

We enjoyed our dinner very much.  Good food and good company.  What more can we ask?

Braddocks Inn also sponsors a huge flea market once a month.  People have told us that we need to go, but we work on Saturdays and Sundays, so we will probably miss it.  The dates are available on the website.