Walnut Hill Miniature Golf in Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Each group of visitors wants to see different things.  Tom and I have enjoyed showing them around and coming up with new places to visit.  So far we have hit some favorites with each group as well as exploring something completely new.  When John, Jackie, Steve, and Amy came to visit, we played miniature golf at Walnut Hill Miniature Golf in Uniontown.

The Saturday of their visit was Steve and Amy’s second anniversary.  Because they played miniature golf on their wedding day, they thought it would be fun to continue the tradition.  Steve, John, Tom and I have played many rounds of miniature golf together so we were all in favor.  Ironically we had just played mini golf a few days earlier with Sandy (Steve’s mom) and Eric.  With Eric and Sandy we played at a very rundown course in Ohiopyle that only had 9 holes.  I won – largely because the course was in such bad shape and each hole was very random.

Walnut Hill Miniature Golf was at the other end of the spectrum from the Ohiopyle course.  Walnut Hill was well-lighted with a wonderful “river” flowing through it and a beautifully maintained course.  The holes were innovative and fun.  A lot of them included the river – some where you wanted to hit your ball into the river and others where you did not!  We played women on one team and men on the other so we wouldn’t be too many on each hole.

The course had other players but wasn’t too busy.  So we didn’t have to wait on any of the holes.  Although Jackie and Amy both got a hole in one, the course was a challenge.  We all had a good time trying to figure out whether it was better to go in the water or not.  I think the guys benefited from the women going first.  At the end of the evening all of the men had better scores than all of the women, although Jackie was only one stroke behind Steve.  John had the best score.  I think it was about half of mine!

The Walnut Hill Miniature Golf course is for sale.  If I lived in the area, I would be tempted to buy it.  It would be the perfect summer opportunity for a teacher:  open Memorial Day through Labor Day and weekends in September and October.

We enjoyed playing at Walnut Hill very much and would love to play there again.  Maybe I could lower my score now that we know the lay of the land!