Bittersweet Cafe in Farmington, Pennsylvania

I wanted to eat at Bittersweet Cafe ever since I first heard of it.  It is rated the #1 restaurant out of 16 in Farmington and gets really good reviews on TripAdvisor.  The problem?  We usually eat out on our days off, which are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Thursday we usually go grocery shopping and do the laundry, so we aren’t out exploring.  Bittersweet Cafe is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.  So, every time I thought about going there, it was closed.  But when John, Jackie, Steve, and Amy came to visit, we got a Saturday off.  I knew I finally had my chance!

Bittersweet Cafe is a farm to table restaurant known for its fresh food.  They make all their own baked goods:  breads, cakes, and muffins.  Because they want to serve only the best, freshest food, their menu is limited.  I did not, however, find the menu limiting.  There were plenty of things on it that looked good and that I wanted to try.  The prices are a little high, but I am willing to pay more for fresh and homemade.

The Cafe is located in a garden setting.  It looks like an older house but has been extensively renovated.  The inside is open and airy and a wonderful, shaded deck surrounds the whole house.  Gardens invite you to explore or just sit and relax.  The Cafe opened six years ago, so it is relatively new.

On the day we visited there was a line to order the food.  Although six people were working behind the counter, we waited for a while to have our order taken.  I ordered a BLT and Tom got pulled pork.  John ordered the cuban, Amy got a chicken wrap, and Steve got chicken salad.  The sandwiches were all served on grilled sourdough bread on a cutting board.  I found the board a little awkward.  My BLT was very drippy and the juices ran all over the table.  We also shared coleslaw, carrot cake, and Black Bottom Pie (peanut butter mousse).

Everything at Bittersweet Cafe was delicious!  Everything was also a little drippy, so we would have liked to have plates with a rim.  The sandwiches were good sized – enough to share if you get a side.  My tomato was wonderful – tasty and perfectly ripe.  But, for me, the star was the carrot cake.  No nuts and the perfect cream cheese frosting – yummy but not too heavy or sweet.  A perfect complement to the frosting was the coconut and carrot in the cake.  So moist.  I can’t wait to go back and have another piece.

The counter inside
Chicken Wrap
Chicken salad
Grilled Cheese Pulled Pork
Carrot Cake and Black Bottom pie
Satisfied customers

We loved eating at Bittersweet Cafe and would gladly take our guests there.  Unfortunately most of our guests are coming on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Oh well, that leaves more carrot cake for me!