Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia

Historic Windsor Hotel

When Tom and I visited the three national parks (and one state park posting next week) in southwestern Georgia, we stayed at the historic Windsor Hotel in downtown Americus, Georgia.  Normally we stay in chain hotels, where we know what to expect.  But the Windsor Hotel was convenient to where we were going and put us in the heart of Americus.

The Windsor Hotel was built in 1892 to attract visitors from the north in the winter.  Originally the hotel had 100 rooms on five floors.  This Victorian building has a tower, turret, balconies, and a three story open lobby.  The grand design impresses from the moment you open the doors.  The hotel closed temporarily in 1972 and reopened after a 6.5 million dollar renovation in 1991.  It joined the Best Western family in 2010.

You can get a standard King or double Queen room for around $100 per night.  Or you can stay in a suite in the tower suite, in the Bridal Suite, or in the Carter Presidential Suite.  Tom and I enjoyed our stay in a comfortable standard room.  We were on the third floor and had a dormer window.  Instead of a closet, there was an armoire. Because the room had a slightly odd shape, the television was far away, but we didn’t spend much time watching it anyway.

Staying in Americus is similar to staying in any city of comparable size in the deep south.  We stayed on Sunday and Monday nights.  On Sunday every restaurant within walking distance was closed.  All the stores downtown were also closed.  On Monday the stores were open, but a lot of the restaurants (the two we wanted to eat at) were also closed.

We spent an hour on Monday exploring some of the unique stores in the downtown area.  Tom and I stopped in a used bookstore / coffee shop / bakery.  Then we checked out an antique store / craft store / Georgia products store.  We also bought a few things at the New World Market, including a giant apple for supper and Mayhaw Jelly.  Although many storefronts were empty, most of them were trying to make it in the downtown area.  It helps that the closest mall is in Macon.

We enjoyed the Windsor Hotel and staying in downtown Americus.  The architecture at the hotel was beautiful and the hotel was centrally located.  Best Western has done a nice job with the restoration of the hotel.  We would definitely stay there again if we ever return to Americus.

The three story lobby
Renovated bathroom
Comfortable beds
Sitting area
Architectural details