From March 2021

Making Donuts with Grandma Clymer

On of my favorite childhood memories is making donuts with my Grandma Clymer.  Mom and Dad used to go away for medical conventions, and Grandma Clymer would come and stay with us three kids.  We have lots of wonderful stories and memories from those times together. I always liked baking and Grandma Clymer did too, …

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Picking Up Litter in Ohio

Now that the snow piles are (mostly) gone, I am back to picking up litter.  If you have been reading the blog for a while, you might recall that I pick up litter on a weekly basis when we are at Fort Frederica National Monument.  Picking up litter is a natural companion to my daily …

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Dreaming of Traveling Again

Lately I have been dreaming of traveling again.  Tom and I have been in Ohio eight months now and in our house for seven.  This is the longest we have stayed in one place since we retired and I am getting pretty antsy to move on.  We are enjoying our time here, especially the time …

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