Annas Greek Cuisine in Columbus

Tom and I recently tried Annas Greek Cuisine for the first time.  Our daughter-in-law, Jackie, is always trying to expand our food horizons.  She suggested getting takeout from Annas Greek Cuisine and we agreed to look at the menu.  Although there were lots of Greek options (foods I have never tried) there were also menu items with more familiar ingredients.  Tom and I could order things we were pretty sure we would like.

Annas Greek Cuisine, like all other restaurants right now, has takeout options as well as dine-in options.  The restaurant is located in a shopping plaza and doesn’t look like much from the outside.  Inside there is a beautiful mural of a Greek island with linen covered tables.  We are still not eating inside restaurants, so we could not enjoy the ambiance.

The first time we got food from Annas Greek Cuisine, I ordered for Tom and had time to study the menu.  I got him a salmon steak on a bed of rice with grilled vegetables.  I ordered the Chicken Corfu over rice.  Both of us enjoyed our meals so much that we got the exact same thing the second time we ordered from Annas.  Tom’s salmon was just as good the second time.  My Chicken Corfu was a little disappointing.  The first time it was chicken over a bed of rice, with a peppercorn sauce on the top.  The second time it was rice, chicken, and peppercorn soup.  It was still tasty, but I didn’t want soup.

Jackie orders something traditional each time to share with us, so we get to try something new.  With our second order, she got Tiropita, feta cheese wrapped in fillo dough.  It was very good.  John always orders a pita with fries.  Jackie usually orders something adventurous.  The second time we got takeout from Annas, she got the Lamb Manestra.  It looked very good.

I appreciate Jackie trying to expand our horizons.  The next time we order from Annas Greek Cuisine, I plan on ordering something more exotic.  I could try the Pastitsio with a béchamel sauce or the Lamb Parnassos.  I am looking forward to getting takeout from Annas again.