Azaleas at Frederica

I rave about the azaleas at Frederica every year.  They start blooming at the beginning of February and continue to bloom through March.  When I walked in the azalea garden this morning, it looked like most of them were done blooming because the weather turned suddenly very cold.  No matter how long or short their season is, I enjoy them them every day when I walk through.

Today I am posting some pictures of the azaleas that I took this year.  I thought I would mix it up a little and add one other flower that blooms on the grounds of Fort Frederica National Monument.  This is a Giant Crinum Lily, also known as poison bulb.  It is called poison bulb because all parts of the plant are harmful if they are ingested.  For some people, even the sap of the plant can cause irritation.   The plant is an odd collection of big leaves around a bulbous base, and small, narrow flowers.  The flowers aren’t especially pretty, but they bloom for a long time and grab attention.  We have several of these big things around the townsite at Fort Frederica.

Poison bulb

But the azaleas and the azalea garden are really the stars of the flowering world in February and March here.  Enjoy this small taste of what I have been able to see every day.