Beef Jerky Outlet at Cincinnati Premium Outlets

While we were visiting the Pepper Palace, we stopped in at another fun store at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets.  With three Eagle Scouts, we couldn’t pass up checking out the Beef Jerky Outlet.

Tom loves beef jerky, but it is usually not on our low-sodium diet.  Most beef jerky has plenty of sodium because salt is the main preservative for the jerky.  He found a low sodium beef jerky, Country Archer Mango Habenero, that he likes and that we buy when we can find it.  But the fun thing about the Beef Jerky Outlet was that Tom could try tiny little bits of jerky with lots of different seasoning.

Each section of the Beef Jerky Outlet has a sample bin where you can try a bite of different kinds of jerky.  Sections included wild game, classic favorites, pepper and spice, hot zone, backyard bbq, sweet and savory, and bootleggers.  Bootleggers was alcohol infused jerky.  Wild game included turkey, venison, elk, salmon, and buffalo.  John tried all of the hot zone samples.  I liked the sweet and savory category the best.  We had a lot of “come and try this one” going on with the six of us.

Besides jerky, the Beef Jerky Outlet has popcorn, candy, meat sticks, and sauces.  You could also buy a BJO shirt such as “Tree Huggin’ is ok, as long as you are climbing up to your deer stand.”

The more you buy at Beef Jerky Outlet, the cheaper the prices.  Each couple picked out one bag, and then Tom and I paid the discounted price for them all.  There are Beef Jerky Outlets all over the United States, so you should be able to find one close to you.  You can also order online, but then you don’t get to sample all the different kinds.