BJs Brewhouse in Miamisburg, Ohio

Exterior of BJs on a sunny day

While we were visiting Steve and Amy in Dayton, we had to (of course) try someplace new for dinner.  Steve and Amy suggested BJs Brewhouse and we were all in favor of it!  Tom and I had seen BJs Brewhouse other places in Ohio, but had never eaten at one.  Steve and Amy suggested it because it has an extensive menu so everyone could find something they wanted to eat.

The evening we visited was rainy and we stopped early, hoping to beat the dinner rush.  Steve and Amy warned us that all the good places in Dayton had long waits by 5 on any night.  They were right.  We were told it would be an hour wait, but they would text us when our table was ready.  The guys headed across the street to the Field and Stream store.  The women went to TJ Maxx and Homegoods to browse.  After 45 minutes we got the text and headed back to the restaurant.

BJs Brewhouse started in southern California as a twist on deep-dish Chicago pizza.  Even though they started as a pizza joint, they have moved well beyond that now.  The atmosphere is similar to other mid-line chain restaurants.  We sat on a large banquette around a round table.  The menu was thick and impressive with delicious looking pictures of most of their entrees.  They have a gluten-free menu as well as a regular menu.

I ordered the deep-dish ziti.  All the guys got the steak and ribs.  Jackie ordered some fish and Amy got the lemon chicken on rice.  We were going to order an appetizer, but decided to save room for dessert instead.  All the entrees were delicious when they came.  For some reason, Amy’s entree was about 10 minutes behind the others, but we shared french fries and other bites of our dishes until her entree came.

This picture is too dark to do justice to the deliciousness of the Pizookie

BJs Brewhouse signature dessert is the Pizookie.  The Pizookie is a fresh-baked deep dish cookie that is available in about 10 different flavors.  You can get chocolate chunk, brownie, cookies and cream, monkey bread, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter, triple chocolate, salted caramel, and gluten free chocolate chip.  You can also get one made with two different doughs, or get three mini Pizookies.  All of them are served, of course, with ice cream.

Because we were so full from the rest of our food, we decided to get one chocolate chunk and split it six ways.  Amy ate the least because she is lactose intolerant – she just took a couple of bites from the edge.  The rest of us split the Pizookie and it was so delicious!  Warm and gooey with ice cream melting on it.  It could certainly be a meal all by itself.

BJs Brewhouse is an excellent place to go with a group of people.  They had several large tables and one group of 20 people was seated in the same area as our smaller group.  The service was good, the food was great, and the dessert was fabulous!  The wonderful company would have made any place great, but BJs Brewhouse is definitely a place we will go to again.  You probably have a BJs near you.  Check it out!