Big Als Burgers at the Junction, Kanab Utah

On our first swing through Kanab, Melonie – our local authority – recommended Big Als Burgers as a good place to eat.  We only had a snack in Zion, so we were plenty hungry by the time we got to Kanab.  Fortunately Big Als Burgers was as good as advertised.  In fact, it was so good that we have stopped by there every time we have gone to Kanab since!

Big Als Burgers looks like an old-fashioned drive in, but no servers come to the cars.  Instead, you walk in to the place and order.  Because there are so many tourists, the servers patiently explain the menu items.  Instead of adding items to a burger – like bacon or cheese – there are 10 variations on each burger, each with a different name.  They also sell a “fry sauce” that is a blend of mayo and ketchup and a local favorite.

So far we have had three meals at Big Als Burgers.  Tom gets an Outlaw burger, fries, and chocolate shake every time.  I like to try a different sandwich each time but I also like the chocolate shakes.  The shakes are so thick that Tom eats his with a spoon.  They are real milkshakes with just the right amount of chocolate.  You can get a candy shake that has bits of a candy bar mixed in.  My favorite sandwich so far was the Malibu Supreme with chicken breast, ham, and swiss cheese grilled together.

If Big Als Burgers is open, it is busy.  They have a sign by the cash register that tells you each order is made after you order it, so it might be a wait.  The cashiers generally tell you how long the wait is.  We have waited up to 45 minutes for our food, but it was hot and fresh when it arrived.  I guess the size of the kitchen prevents them from hiring more cooks.  We try not to be in a hurry when we go.

So far Big Als Burgers is our favorite restaurant in our new location.  Of course, in the month we have been here, it is also the only restaurant we have tried!  The problem is that we like it so much that we always want to go there instead of trying someplace else.  Well, one of these days we will want something besides a burger and milkshake.  Maybe.