Boathouse Bar and Grill in Put-in-Bay, Ohio

While we were on South Bass Island, we had lunch at the Boathouse Bar and Grill Restaurant.  Their website says it is world-famous, but I’m not sure what that would mean.  Maybe that people from all over the world have eaten there or worked there.

We looked at several restaurants before setting on the Boathouse.  The Boathouse had a menu with food that looked good and they were obviously making an effort to offer as much outdoor dining as possible.  We were able to get a table on the patio.  Not only were we the only ones on the patio for a while, but it was also protected from the wind.

Our waiter was an enthusiastic young man who’s favorite word was excellent.  Of course, when he says excellent to all your choices, you feel that you have made a good choice.  Mom and Dad both got the fresh walleye sandwich, Tom built his own burger, and I got a grilled chicken salad.  I also ordered mozzarella sticks which we all shared.  The restaurant specializes in “Po Boys” which is a southern sandwich, often fish, on french bread.  None of us got a Po Boy.

The food was very good but nothing memorable.  I’ve often found that touristy places don’t have the best food.  Their business is primarily people who only come once, so they don’t have to lure people back over and over.  The restaurants with really spectacular food are more often local places out of the tourist spotlight who need entice regulars with their delicious offerings.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our meal at the Boathouse Bar and Grill very much.  We were hungry from our morning in the fresh, cold air and there wasn’t much left on our plates when we were done.  The best part of the meal was the joy we took in each other’s company.