Boone Docks Restaurant in Glen Arbor, Michigan

Boone Docks Restaurant was our luncheon destination in the middle of our day at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  The small town of Glen Arbor has a year-round population of 850 but it is a tourist magnet during the summer and into the fall.  Glen Arbor and Glen Haven are both on Glen Lake and I found the two names a little confusing.

We drove into Glen Arbor on our way to Glen Haven after our Dune Climb.  In order to really enjoy our lunch we needed some good exercise first.  The town was very busy with lots of people out walking around.  The small grocery store parking lot was packed.  There are a number of restaurants to cater to the tourists.  At 11:30 on a Sunday they were already filling up for lunch.  We considered one restaurant but couldn’t find a place to park, so we went where there was good parking and we are glad we did.

We pulled into the Boone Docks Restaurant which had a very nice building.  But, when we tried to enter, we saw a sign on the door that said they were only seating outside.  We walked around the building and came to the outside tables next to a fudge shop, an ice cream shop, and a gift shop.  The fudge, ice cream, and gift shops were already closed for the season so we were glad the restaurant was open.  A host seated us and handed us the menus.  Our table was in the sunshine and protected from the wind, so we were very comfortable.

The menu had a nice variety of food and we each found something we wanted.  Tom and I both ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich.  Bob got the pulled pork sandwich and Sandy ordered the Rascal Reuben.  Eric got the Fresh Lake Perch dinner.  Our food came hot, fresh and delicious.  In fact, we were a little surprised at how good everything was.  Eric’s perch dinner was a huge serving, but the rest of us had meals that were close to the right size.  Sandy said the Reuben was delicious and we had a discussion about marbled rye versus plain rye.

Perch dinner
Pulled Pork
Chicken BBQ

As we were finishing our meal, we found out why the inside of the restaurant was closed.  A large tour bus unloaded 60 tourists who were all eating inside at Boone Docks.  We were glad we already had our food!  We were also thankful for the dedicated waitress who took care of all of us on the deck.

Boone Docks Restaurant was a perfect choice for our lunch.  The food was really good and we enjoyed our outside table.  If we ever make it back to Glen Arbor, it would be a top choice for our food.