Bretts Waterway Cafe on Amelia Island

The second time we visited Amelia Island, when we took my parents, we ate a Bretts Waterway Cafe on the river.  Tom and I had scoped out Fernandina Beach on our previous visit and knew we could find plenty of parking here.  We also knew that Bretts Waterway Cafe had one of the best views of any restaurant on Amelia Island.

We went to Bretts close to 12:30 on a Monday and it was busy but still had plenty of tables available.  Bretts Waterway Cafe is much larger than it looks from the outside.  There are lots of tables outside and four times as many tables inside.  It is probably busier for supper than it is for lunch, but there were still plenty of occupied tables.

We chose a table inside.  The inside seating is on three levels so you have a view no matter where you are sitting.  We could see a length of the St. Marys / Amelia River with shrimp boats and leisure boats moving up and down.  A cruise boat loaded next to the restaurant and we enjoyed watching people get on and off.

A storm blew in suddenly just as we were getting ready to order and all the outdoor tables were quickly abandoned.  Several water and wine glasses shattered because they were blown over by the gusty wind that preceded the storm.  The temperature suddenly dropped about 20 degrees and we were glad we chose an inside table.

Outside seating
Shrimp and shrimp boats
Inside seating
Pulled Pork sandwich
Quiche close up
Good food and good company

The waitress brought our drinks and a plate of small homemade bran-walnut-carrot muffins.  They were delicious and a good appetizer.  Mom and I both ordered the quiche special, served with homemade applesauce and a salad.  Tom ordered the pulled pork with slaw.  Dad ordered a burger.

The food came quickly and was delicious.  The quiche was cheesy and hot with a flaky crust.  Tom said his pulled pork sandwich was very good also.  Dad always likes his burgers.  As we ate, we enjoyed watching the boats go by and watching the people strolling along the riverfront.  Our waitress kept our glasses of half and half (half sweet tea, half unsweet) filled.

We enjoyed our meal at Bretts Waterway Cafe very much and would certainly eat there again.  The atmosphere and the food were perfect after a busy and active morning exploring the island.