Brogens North on St Simons Island

Tom and I haven’t been trying many new restaurants on St Simons Island.  We have returned to some that we enjoyed before:  Barbara Jean’s, Frederica House, Frederica Cafe, Dairy Queen, and Certified Burger.  Unless we are joining someone else, we just don’t eat out that often.  In February we joined the other volunteers here at Fort Frederica and tried a new (for us) restaurant called Brogens North.

When Mom and Dad were here in 2017 we tried Brogens South, near the pier, but I didn’t like it much so I didn’t write about it.  But, because it got a good recommendation by the Verbas, we decided to try Brogens North.  It is close to Fort Frederica and is always busy.

Brogens North is very different from Brogens South.  The location by the pier gives Brogens South more of a beachy vibe.  Brogens North is more of a pub.  It has a large bar in the middle with tables scattered around.  There is also outdoor seating, but not the big patio that Brogens South has.  The menus are also different and there are different chefs in the kitchens at each restaurant.

I ordered the Southwestern Chicken Alfredo and Tom got a cheeseburger.  Denise and Bob shared a Fresh Catch Seafood Basket, and Jude had a salad with onion rings.  All the meals were oversized and Denise and Bob did the right thing in sharing a meal.  My alfredo was delicious and I took half of it home to enjoy the next day.  The onion rings were huge and looked very good.

Denise and Bob Verba, Jude Splinter, and me
My chicken alfredo
Tom’s burger
Catch of the Day
Onion rings
A to-go container

We got to Brogens North at 5:30 and got a table right away.  The food was fast and fresh.  By the time we left at 6:30 there was a wait list.

We enjoyed our meal at Brogens North so much we have another get-together scheduled there on Friday.  Good food is made even better when you have good friends to enjoy it with.