Bucky Bee’s BBQ in Cave City, Kentucky

After hiking around Mammoth Cave above ground, Tom and I were ready for some supper.  We chose to eat at Bucky Bee’s BBQ in Cave City.  It got good reviews and we like to try out local BBQ places.

We got to Bucky Bee’s BBQ around 4:30, which was early locally, but was really 5:30 Eastern time.  Even though we were early, there were still plenty of people inside eating.  We were seated in a booth and soon approached by our waiter.  The waiter turned out to be the grandson of the owners, so he had tried just about everything on the menu.  He recommended the loaded baked potato, but said everything on the menu was good.

Tom and I debated what to order for a while.  We wanted to split something because the portions looked huge.  The loaded baked potato was tempting, but I was leaning toward the Bucky Pie.  Bucky Pie is a skillet of cornbread with 12 oz of pulled pork on top, then a layer of beans and a layer of coleslaw.  I thought we should order something besides the loaded baked potato.  After all, we have the best loaded baked potatoes at Scott’s BBQ in Georgia.

Salad Bar

The problem with the Bucky Pie, as Tom saw it, was that I wanted to get the beans and coleslaw on the side.  If you put it on top of the cornbread, the cornbread might be too goopy to enjoy.  Tom said, if we ordered it, we had to have the beans and coleslaw on the top.  So we compromised and got the loaded baked potato.

The loaded baked potato came amazingly quick.  It was so fast that it was at the table before I could even take a few pictures of the restaurant and check out the desserts.  Tom and I split it and it was very good.  Not as good as Scott’s, but still good.  Splitting it was the right decision because it was very large.

I finished off the meal with a slice of Blueberry Lemon cake.  It was like a pound cake with fresh blueberries in it and very good.  I offered to get a different dessert so Tom could enjoy it too, but he said he didn’t want dessert.  I was fine with having it all to myself because it was delicious.

Bucky Bee’s was a good place to eat and I wouldn’t hesitate to eat there again.  Maybe next time we can try the Bucky Pie.  If you are ever in Cave City, check out Bucky Bee’s BBQ.