Cedarwood Inn and Suites, Sidney British Columbia

While Tom and I were on Vancouver Island last week, we stayed at the Cedarwood Inn and Suites in Sidney.  Sidney has several hotels, including a Best Western, all within walking distance of the ferry.

We chose the Cedarwood Inn because it was on the ocean.  It is a three-star hotel and was the least expensive of the hotels.  We even had an ocean-view room, if you leaned out the window.

The Cedarwood Inn is an older motel with two stories and mostly outside entrances to the rooms.  The three-sided building surrounds a courtyard and parking lot.  It reminded me a lot of the way Holiday Inns used to be.

The rooms were clean and the bathrooms had been recently updated.  You can get a room with a kitchenette or a suite with two bedrooms and a full kitchen.  There are also four cottages. Our room had one very comfortable queen-sized bed.  My favorite feature – no duvet!  I hate the new trend of using duvets.  Whoever decided to put those in every hotel was not a middle-aged woman who has hot flashes!  Tom’s favorite feature was a free postcard of the hotel.  Unlike so many modern hotels, the Cedarwood Inn has personality.

There wasn’t a hotel lobby.  Instead, there was a small office for check-in and check-out.  The people working there were very friendly.  Like most places in this part of the world, there isn’t any air conditioning or screens on the windows.  If you are hot, you turn on the rotating fan and open the window.  Amazingly very few bugs fly in.  They must have smarter bugs in the Northwest than we have in Ohio.

A great perk for the room was free Wi-Fi.  This was important because we didn’t want to run up Canadian minutes on our American phones.  So we could do e-mail and texts in the room in the evenings.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in our room – too much to see and do on Vancouver Island – but we slept well and enjoyed the serenity of the place.  If you visit Vancouver Island, we can heartily recommend the Cedarwood Inn and Suites.  It is a great place to stay.