Third Street Cafe and Sidney Bakery

Inside Third Street Cafe

Before I finish writing about our visit to Vancouver Island, I must mention a couple of the places we ate.  I only write about the places I can recommend, so the Third Street Cafe and Sidney Bakery are two good ones to try if you are on Vancouver Island.

First, we had breakfast our last day at the Third Street Cafe.  This is the top-rated place to eat breakfast in Sidney according to Google.

The Third Street Cafe is a tiny place on the corner of Third Street and Beacon (Beacon is the main east-west street).  There are three tables outside and about ten tables inside.  All the tables inside were full on Tuesday morning, so we sat outside in the beautiful sunshine.

Our table outside Third Street Cafe

The specialty of the Third Street Cafe is their “Bennies”:  Eggs Benedict with a twist.  Val ordered her Bennie over spinach.  Johnny got one with salmon.  Tom ordered eggs with sausage.  I got a “Bob” which was a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a homemade bun.  Everything came with a side of browned potatoes.  Everything was delicious and we all cleaned our plates.

After breakfast, we walked down to the Sidney pier and stopped by the Sidney Bakery.  We had been to the bakery on Sunday and felt it deserved a second stop.  The Sidney Bakery says they have been “moving their buns for 108 years.”  I can believe it – everything they sell looks delicious!

We tried several of their cookies which were all slightly dry and overbaked.  But the bars and buns were another story.  I had a triple chocolate bar that melted in my mouth and could be addictive.  Val and Johnny got a loaf of Jalapeno bread which they said was wonderful with grilled cheese sandwiches.  We oohed and aahed over the donuts, especially the huge Texas donuts, but we refrained from purchasing any.  Good thing we went to the Third Street Cafe before the bakery!

Texas donuts

Sidney was a treat with plenty of good places to eat.  If you visit, these are two I can recommend wholeheartedly.