Dough Life Edible Cookie Dough

Everyone knows you aren’t supposed to eat raw eggs.  And recently I found this warning on a bag of flour:  “Cook before sneaking a taste.  Flour is raw.  Please cook fully before enjoying.”  So what is a cookie dough lover supposed to do?  Dough Life is the answer!

Dough Life Edible Cookie Dough opened a shop at Summit Mall in Akron last November.  I happened to be hanging out at the mall on the day of their Grand Opening when they were giving away free samples.  I, of course, joined the line to sample this edible and safe cookie dough.

Dough Life offers 12 regular flavors of cookie dough.  You can choose from classic chip, mint dynasty, brownie batter, king caramel, and peanut mother butter among others.  Each flavor is set out in a pan like ice cream.  You can add additional toppings or get more than one scoop if you want to try other doughs.  Each scoop costs about $5.

I tried the classic chip and it tasted just like regular chocolate chip cookie dough.  The flour is heat treated and the butter is pasteurized.  There are no eggs in the dough.  Each dough flavor on the website has a list of ingredients.  Same ingredients you would find in any homemade cookies.  It was delicious but every spoonful was a spoonful of sugar.  Not something I would want to indulge in every day.  Even a small (one scoop) is too much sugar for me.  I would need to share it with someone.

Dough Life has locations in malls around the eastern part of the country, mostly in the northeast.  The one at Summit Mall is the only location in Ohio.  Dough Life also caters parties.  I think a Dough Life tasting would be perfect for a shower or friends get-together.  You could try several kinds of dough without overindulging in a whole scoop.  And, if you have dough left over, you can bake it or freeze it.

This is a small

Dough Life is an interesting concept for a sweet treat.  If you haven’t tried it, I recommend finding a location near you and indulging (with a friend) in a scoop.  Yum!