Farmers Market and Oakland, Maryland

While Eric and Sandy were visiting, we decided to go to Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland.  As we were driving to Swallow Falls, I realized that we would be very close to Oakland, Maryland.  Ranger James told me that there is a great Farmers Market in Oakland Maryland that is open during the week.  In fact, it is open on Wednesday.  And, we were driving to Swallow Falls on a Wednesday morning.  When I suggested a stop at the Farmers Market in Oakland before going to Swallow Falls, everyone thought it sounded like a great idea.  None of us had ever been to Oakland before and we love to go to new places.

In front of the Train Museum

Oakland, Maryland, is a little town of about 2,000 in western Maryland.  Because it is just south of Deep Creek Lake, the town attracts a lot of tourists in the summer.  Oakland, however, seems like a wonderful, viable town all by itself.  It has a Train Museum and Transportation Museum in a lively downtown.  As we walked through town, Tom and I knew we would like to come back and explore further.

But our destination on this trip was the Farmers Market.  Ranger Kitty drew me a map to get to the Farmers Market, but we didn’t need it.  We just followed the crowd.  There is a large parking lot next to the railroad tracks that was jammed so full that we were never going to find a parking spot.  Tom dropped us off and went in search of a truck-friendly spot.

The Farmers Market is “producers only” which means the only people there are the ones that are making what they are selling.  There was a wonderful selection of fresh produce:  corn, peaches, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, and on and on.  One stand sold goat cheeses.  Several stands had baked goods.  The longest line was for the fresh peaches.  I’m sure they were worth it, but I don’t need 50 pounds of peaches in the RV.

I bought some no-bake cookies and a blueberry bar to share.  Sandy got some goat cheese for us to try.  Eric bought some hot peppers.  Unfortunately for Tom, by the time he arrived, we were pretty much done looking and buying.

The Oakland Farmers Market had the best fresh produce with the biggest selection that I have seen while we have been here.  The Market is only open from 10 until 1, so we were lucky to hit it on the right day and at the right time.  I would definitely love to go back, revisit the market and explore Oakland some more.