Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery, Taos, New Mexico

After a morning hiking the Rio Grande Del Norte, Tom and I were ready for some lunch.  Fortunately Taos, New Mexico, was close by with lots of places to choose from.  After looking at Trip Adviser and driving through town, Tom and I chose the Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery just north of town.  It had plenty of parking and some quirky stores nearby to explore.

Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery is located in an old, remodeled farmhouse on the edge of Cerro Vista Farm.  Micah Roseberry started the cafe in 2013 in partnership with local farmers to offer organic, fresh from the farm food.  We looked at the baked goods and then sat down to order.

Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery is open and airy, surrounded by windows.  There is also outside seating but since it was a clear, breezy day in the 40’s we decided to sit inside.  After we ordered I walked around and admired some of the wind sculptures displayed outside.

Tom ordered a local, grass-fed, organic burger, and I ordered the chicken pot pie.  I had water to drink and Tom ordered a cola.  But because Farmhouse Cafe is an organic restaurant, Tom didn’t get a Coke or Pepsi.  Instead he got a Blue Sky Cola.  Tasting it was enough to ruin his meal.  It had some kind of awful aftertaste that really stuck with you.

When the food came, it looked wonderful.  Tom said his burger was okay, but my chicken pot pie was excellent.  The chicken and vegetables were stewed together, then poured over a blue-corn rosemary crust and topped with a savory gravy.  Different than most pot pies but delicious.  After looking at the desserts once again, we decided that we would skip dessert in this place.

We walked around the small complex of shops for a few minutes.  They featured local crafts and artists.  The largest shop sold fleeces and hides for clothing, blankets, and rugs.  Interesting and expensive.

If you are in Taos and want to eat at a place that reflects the earthy, kitschy vibe of the town, the Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery is a good place to go.