Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know I love ice cream.  The best part of a long bike ride or strenuous hike is not feeling guilty about having ice cream afterward.  Here in Friday Harbor, I enjoy wonderful ice cream from Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company.

Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company doesn’t have a website and their Facebook page doesn’t tell you much.  If you look up their reviews on Google, you will find some people talking about horrible customer service.  Others complain that they only take cash.  There are no tables.  None of these things are a problem for me.

The Ice Cream shop is located next to the ferry dock, so it is in a perfect location for people getting on or off the ferry.  Located in a bright red building with an ice cream cone on the window, Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company serves 72 flavors of ice cream.  If you can’t find a flavor you like, you must hate ice cream!  I try to get a different flavor every time we go, so I have tried about 20 flavors.  Each one I’ve tried was delicious.

They have some off-beat flavors, such as Marionberry, Licorice, and Rum Raisin.  The Licorice ice cream looked awful to me but Eric tried it and said it was very good. They also have plenty of traditional flavors.  My favorite so far is the Triple Chocolate.  So delicious!  You get two scoops for $5 which is my favorite size.  It is also a bargain on the island.  The small park next to the wharf is always filled with people enjoying their ice cream.

I like the little quirks at Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company.  They are glad to let you have samples if they aren’t busy.  If they have a line they will encourage you to make a choice.  They serve milkshakes but not if the people in line outnumber the servers.

Bottom line:  Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company has the best and biggest selection of ice cream on the island.  I get ice cream there as often as I can justify it and I pick winners every time.